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Michelle Peña

LivTru founder and personal growth coach

“It’s time to unlearn… 

Unlearn the stories that you are not enough, flawed in some way, not capable, talented, beautiful, worthy or valuable enough.  Unlearn what you have been told you are and claimed as your own truth.”



I’m here to help you unlearn the story that keeps running through your mind stopping you from fully embracing yourself and your life. You don’t have to carry this story forever and feel like there’s no way out.

As we journey through life we get thrown hurdles, setbacks, roadblocks, challenges. We lose touch with our confidence, lovability, courageousness, happiness, laughter, resilience and unlimited creative potential.

Maybe you’ve taken a few knocks already… the voice of self-doubt is high, you question your own worth and value, self-blame kicks in, your confidence is bruised, you may feel hurt, sadness or even some anger. Things didn’t turn out as you planned or envisioned for your life.

Believe me I get it.

It’s not fun feeling this way. And you just want it to be over. To feel like YOU again.

I’ve got you covered!

I come with a toolkit full of proven, reliable and highly effective tools to help you navigate life’s ups and downs so you can feel a sense a calm and move forward with a little more ease and confidence.

You don’t have to take this journey alone. I’m here to help.

About Michelle Peña

I am a beautiful work in progress, just like you. In fact, my most profound personal growth and change occurred around the pivotal age of 40.

Following an uncomfortable life situation, I chose to practice intentional awakening and self-love. I stopped struggling and applied my education and experience to myself. After many incredible personal experiences along the way, that brings me to now. That brings me to you.

My personal experience with transitions, changes and finding joy has allowed me to become an expert in living the life I am professional trained to coach. I challenge myself every week to practice what I teach, so I can be the best teacher I can be. This is how LivTru came to be.

A Week in My Personal Life, Practicing What I Teach…

I am a woman on fire! I am so excited every day to be alive and living a purposeful life. As an advocate of living the life I teach, I thought I’d share a peak into how I practice my version of a LivTru lifestyle. My week includes:

• Self-help and spiritual growth through books. I am an avid reader.
• Seeing a spiritual coach/healer.
• Being physical. Daily exercise and activity grounds me.
• Meditating and checking in with myself regularly.
• Avoiding routine. I crave growth and routine can limit this.
• Spending time with friends & family, having fun, enjoying nature, loving life.
• Enjoying fashion and noticing beauty.

I am always open to all experiences and associated feelings (from pain and sadness to joy and happiness), knowing that healing comes from what you take away from these experiences.

I also love pushing my own limits. Regularly, I challenge myself to try something new I would not have done before… like an acrobatics class, improvisation training and a military-style bootcamp.

My Formal Education & Experience Path…

Through formal post-secondary education, I have gained a BA in Psychology and BA with honours in Social Work. I am crazy proud of these achievements, the formal career I’ve held working with women and girls for over 10 years and the professional knowledge that underpins my coaching abilities to help women like you!

Learning to truly understand and follow my own bliss, joy and true divine passions has been my own journey. I’ve discovered a path of expansion beyond my formal education that has spring boarded me into a deeply fulfilling personal pursuit of authenticity, beauty, spirituality and daily practices of joy.

These define my core values and inform the atmosphere in which I coach my clients.

These expanded passionate pursuits include, but are not limited to:

• Applied Mindfulness Meditation training from the University of Toronto
• Transformative Mindfulness Meditation training from the University of Toronto
• Tibetan inspired, Dalai Lama endorsed 16 Guidelines to Life certification
• Positive Psychology Coaching certification
• Registered Social Worker and licensed member of Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW)
• Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW)
• Image Consulting, Make-Up Artistry & Styling certification
• 5 years as owner of Authentic Beauty Services, a whole person approach to beauty and well-being
• Event planning for health and well-being programs for girls and women

The travel through change is a journey made easier, and dare I say more fun, with companions! Feeling free is a result of choices that lead to joy. I know this first hand! And I look forward to supporting you on your own journey to freedom together.