LivTru | Daily Deposits: Are You Doing This?
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Daily Deposits: Are You Doing This?



Daily deposits are powerful.

What are they?

They are the choices we make day-to-day that add to or take away from the woman you’re wanting to become or the woman you have worked hard to be.

Each day you either make a deposit to or withdrawal from your mind, body and soul.

If you are a woman who is on a journey of evolving, which I know you are, the choices you make must support your growth.

Is what you’re choosing to feed your mind, body and soul in alignment with who you are or who you are becoming?

It may not be a big deal in the moment but overtime these daily deposits to your mind, body and soul DO add up.

It effects your vibration, your energy and how you are showing up for yourself. And how you are showing up for yourself influences everything in your outer world.

As you grow and evolve the choices you make must be in tandem with how you are shifting, growing and evolving or else there is a feeling of being stuck.

If you are wanting to attract a healthy relationship in your life you can’t keep making choices that keep you in drama-filled partnerships.

If you’re wanting to feel more centered and grounded in your life you can’t keep making decisions based on the expectations of others.

If you’re wanting to be more confident you can’t keep making decisions against what you truly desire.

Personally, when I find myself skipping my yoga class often or judging myself or comparing myself to others, I know I’m out of alignment with my soul. I’m taking away from the woman and person I am.

As I continuously grow, up-level and evolve as a woman, it is essential for me to consciously be aware (as much as I can) of the daily deposits I’m making.

Daily deposits of how I speak to myself, speak to others, my thoughts, to what I wear or what I’m putting into my body. Are these choices representing and adding up to the woman I am, as I continue to evolve?

Will it be perfect all the time? Absolutely not.

But the more self-supporting decisions you make daily, the less you are depleting your personal reservoir and you can show up exactly as you are!

So how can you start to create daily deposits that support your growth and well-being?

Start small.

Ask yourself… Is what I’m choosing adding to or subtracting from my well-being?

Start with the small choices you make daily…

Choosing to start your day with gratitude
Choosing to slow down just enough to recharge
Choosing what to watch on TV
Choosing what to wear
Choosing to walk those extra steps
Choosing to accept a compliment with a Thank You!
Choosing to offer a smile
Choosing to listen a little more closely to your inner self

Want to take it a step further?

If you are growing and shifting towards greater self-love, begin with daily deposits of self-acknowledgement by finishing this sentence often…
I love myself when ____________.

If you are growing and shifting towards feeling more happiness in your life, begin with daily deposits of noticing all the good that happens throughout your day and feel the gratitude that arises.

If you are growing and shifting towards feeling more empowered, begin with daily deposits of congratulating/treating yourself when you set boundaries or speaking your truth.


If you are wanting to improve how you view your body, begin with daily deposits of speaking to your body with kindness whenever you judge it.

The moment you open your eyes to start the day, to the moment you lift your feet off the ground to go to bed, you have spent the day making choices.

Make those choices that are a direct reflection of the woman in you.

You are a woman of greatness.
You are a woman on purpose.
You ARE.

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