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Discover and connect to your own feminine power and beauty.


A woman’s beauty is predetermined for us.

It is woven into the fabric of our society through different daily sources. We are constantly being fed messages of what a woman should look like to be considered “beautiful”.

Any woman that doesn’t fit into this mold is less than, not good enough, needs fixing, not valuable or worthy and undeserving.

She just doesn’t measure up.

Making it hard at times to feel beautiful in your own skin.

On some level we all try to fit into this mold whether it’s spending hundreds of dollars on the best face creams to erase our wrinkles, finding the best surgeon to get rid of our cellulite, punishing ourselves for eating too much or judging our bodies every time we look in the mirror searching for ways to make it look better.

Its time to let go of the unworthiness, the lack of love, the I’m not good enough, I’m not deserving, undervaluing who you are because you don’t fall in line with that cookie cutter image of what marketing and corporations have told you, you should be.

It’s time to discover who you really are and awaken the beauty in you.

Be your own definer of beauty.

This weekend is designed for women
to come together to reclaim what beauty
means to us and our place in it.

To feel beautiful in your own skin
To make peace with your inner goddess
To step out of DOing and step into BEing
To explore and deeply connect to your beauty
To connect to your inner voice and deepen your relationship
To show up for yourself so lovingly and with a fierce trust
To own some time for yourself to slow down and recharge

Experience a space full of beauty and sisterhood, surrounded by lush landscape along the blissful countryside

With a small, intimate group of other amazing women just like you

We will come together to unveil the wisdom and beauty already inherent within each woman

And come back to the world, strong, radiant, and empowered

After this weekend you will have
claimed your beauty and voice
in redefining what it means to be a woman.

What’s Included:

  •  2-night accommodations
  • All meals & snacks from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast
  • Morning Meditations
  • Awaken the Beauty Within Workshops
  • Practical, simple tools to elevate your womanhood
  • Bonfire gatherings
  • 10kms of walking and hiking trails
  • Leisure time to explore nature
  • Awaken The Beauty Within Meditation
  • Awaken The Beauty Within gift bag

Limited space available to ensure personal attention is given.

To register contact Michelle at


“I gained self-love, self-respect and a new outlook on life, one filled with hope. I view myself in a loving manner, I know I deserve respect and I am worthy of a happy and loving life. I believe Michelle coach’s people to live their life to their best and fullest potential in a mindful and true path. You help people believe and trust in themselves.”

Tamara Sinnott


“Michelle truly helped to change my life. For the most part, I don’t find myself looking down on myself, judging what I look like as negative. Instead, I look at myself and appreciate what I see. I have learned to love myself and have you to thank for that. I have also learned that there’s always more than just one reason why things happen in this crazy world (honestly this is huge for me). Without realizing it, I was searching for help and found you. Thank you for being you.”

Amy Davidson


“Michelle is an excellent facilitator and coach, very knowledgeable and committed to improving the lives of women. I have learned to love myself, to be aware of who I really am and to embrace that. I also am more peaceful in my thoughts. Michelle has played a great part in this journey that I am on.”

Margaret Corbin

Why spend the weekend with me?

Because this is what I do best!

I am your compassionate champion and coach.

I’m dedicated to helping women reach new levels of personal growth, tapping into their beauty, confidence, strength, resilience and all the other good stuff that’s been buried away and forgotten. For over 10 years I have worked with clients to help them better cope with stress, heal emotional pain, gain clarity, let go of fear, develop a healthy self-image and find greater peace.

When you take this journey with me, you will gain support and direction in a non-judgemental and collaborative relationship plus walk away with simple tools to apply into your life immediately!

To learn more and to register contact Michelle at to ensure this retreat is a good fit.