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A commitment to make big changes is a big deal!

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Begin the process of unlearning

What is the story that’s always in the back of your mind? It just keeps coming up and you can’t seem to shake it (hint: it’s something you’re ready to let go of)

It’s the story that keeps you spinning in one spot. When it’s playing on auto-repeat, you can’t let go nor can you fully embrace yourself or enjoy your life.

When we really look at the stories that we tell ourselves it’s all about “enoughness” … I’m not brave enough, capable enough, smart enough, strong enough, don’t have enough, not beautiful enough, lovable enough, I’m not enough.

You know exactly what your story is.

These stories come from various sources in our life’s. It may be from a really tricky relationship with someone you love, a curve ball thrown at work, things you were told you were or were not from your childhood, a friend, a boss or even stranger.

You came here perfect, whole and complete but somewhere along the way life’s experiences taught you otherwise.

You have a deep knowing that you’re just not happy and not living the life you want to live. You begin to feel those inner stirrings urging you to listen within because it’s time for a change, time to do different.

But you begin to look outside of you to fill yourself up with what you believe you lack within you and in your life. This fills that empty spot for a while but deep down you know it’s still not enough. And you soon discover that this temporary relief just leaves you vulnerable and at the whim of life’s ups and downs.

Let me assure you… You don’t need to use these distractions or put on a mask to get through the day in order to keep things together for yourself or those around you.

When the pain of believing these stories become deep enough, the process of unlearning can begin.

Working with me


Here’s the thing… Life’s challenges will happen but you don’t have to be at their mercy. You can maintain your self-worth, self-love and inner confidence without getting sidetracked because you have given your power away to everyone but yourself.

I will guide you to start creating momentum in your life so you begin to experience relief from feeling like you’re standing still. You will be fully supported through the changes you must take to connect to the life you desire. This means unlearning the stories that are holding you back and creating a new story that is in alignment with who you truly are.

And even if you’re unsure of who you are, desire or want for your life right now, let that be ok. I will help you get clarity on what that is.

My coaching style is not based on “fixing” you, as this suggests there is something innately wrong with you. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Instead, I will be your support and experienced guide in achieving personal goals, accessing your innate wisdom and celebrating with you as you bravely step into your power.

LivTru Coaching Program

6 months


-You will receive a pre-coaching client assessment to gain clarity before we even meet

-Your first session will be a 90 minute goal setting/action plan session where we’ll get crystal clear on where we’ll be focusing our time together.

-Month one: We will meet weekly for 45 mins sessions to start creating momentum right away.

-Month two, three & four:  We will meet every other week plus ongoing support through emails and accountability.

-You will be given targeted weekly life coaching homework to deepen the learning from your sessions.

-An experienced guide to walk you with every step of the way… (THAT’S ME!)


Shift in perspective: shift how you relate to your beliefs about yourself. Learn how your beliefs greatly impact your mindset and your life. Gain a new appreciation for you and in what you are capable of creating in your life.

Unlearning: zone in on old stories to uncover your beliefs, perceptions that are preventing you from truly embracing you. Re-claim your truth of who you really are and always have been.

Trust yourself: stronger sense of belief and self-confidence around making changes in your life.

Self-awareness:  gain a deep inner connection within creating a solid foundation from the inside out which will be your personal support system throughout your life.

Coping techniques: you will leave equipped with your unique personal toolbox of goodies that will assist you to move through life’s challenges with more confidence.

Let’s talk! Contact me